Plastic Solutions, Inc.

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Prime Engineering and Commodity Thermoplastic Resins.

primaflex resins from plastic solutions

Plastic Solutions, Inc. utilizes a network of supply partners to offer countless grades of commodity and specialty resins for a wide variety of applications. There are brand and grade alternatives for almost all application-specific needs to help ensure the best solutions for customers. PSI is always expanding its network of producers, compounders, associates and other resources to continually broaden its ability to surpass the most technical and demanding material requirements – dependably every time!

Collaborative: Whether you have a processing challenge, material performance issue, or unique material requirements, we’ll work with you to quickly develop the right solution for your needs.

Proven: We’ve thrived by creating lasting partnerships. With over 40 years serving injection molders and manufacturing operations throughout the country, our success is reflected in our long-term relationships, outstanding service and our ability to provide flexible solutions.

Dependable: You can depend on us to consistently deliver reliable material, accurate information and best in class technical support.

primaflex resins from plastic solutions

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