CP 1011 Copolymer Polypropylene


CP 1011 is a high impact copolymer polypropylene designed for such applications as Automotive Compounds and injection molding applications.


Automotive / Lawn and Garden products / Appliances


Excellent impact to stiffness balance Easy mold flow FDA 21 CFR 177.1520

Physical Properties Typical Values Test Method(s)
Melt Flow Rate – g/10 min (230°C/2.16kg) 10 D-1238
Density – g/cm? 0.9 D-1505
Tensile Strength @ Yield – psi 2,950 D-638
Elongation at Yield – % 6 D-638
Flexural Modulus – psi 140,000 D-790
Rockwell Hardness – R Scale 105 D-785
Izod Impact Strength @ 73°F, ft-lbs/in 11 D-256
Izod Impact Strength @ -18°C, ft-lbs/in 1.9 D-256
Izod Impact Strength @ -30°C, ft-lbs/in 1.7 D-256
HDTUL – 66 psi 86°C D-648


The nominal properties reported herein are laboratory tested and are typical data for these materials. Plastic Solutions, Inc. does not guarantee suitability of these materials for specific applications. Each user of material should make their own tests to determine suitability of a material in a design or application.

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