PC 2812-UR Injection Grade Polycarbonate


PC 2812-UR is an injection grade polycarbonate with mold release and UV stabilizer.


Automotive lenses / radio lenses / door handles


Excellent Good melt flow

Physical Properties Typical Values Test Method(s)
Specific Gravity 1.21 D-792
Melt Flow Rate – g/10 min 28 D-1238
Mold Shrinkage – % 0.6 1/8” section
Tensile Strength at Yield – psi 9000 D-638
Elongation at Break – % >132 D-638
Flexural Strength – psi 14,300 D-790
Flexural Modulus – psi 330,000 D-790
HDTUL – 264 psi 270° F D-648
Izod Impact Strength – ft-lb/in 12 D-256
Flammability HB UL94

The nominal properties reported herein are laboratory tested and are typical data for these materials. Plastic Solutions, Inc. does not guarantee suitability of these materials for specific applications. Each user of material should make their own tests to determine suitability of a material in a design or application.

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